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Phoenix Gellyball

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About Gellyball





Looking for something new and exciting to do for your next birthday or event? Consider Phoenix Gellyball!

What's Gellyball you say? Gellyball is a low impact sport for ages 5 and up. Players suit up with facemasks and gellyblasters and face each other in different team building games to try to eliminate each other while running around hiding behind inflatable bunkers. 

What makes the sport low impact are the Gellyballs. 

Gellyballs are NON-TOXIC, BIODEGRADABLE, NON-STAINING water hydrated orbeez, that upon impact disintegrate and leave no mess, so they are safe for your yard and pets.

While game play is going on, a Referee will be present watching over players making sure everyone is being safe and having a good time. 

Gellyball provides all the fun, challenge and competitiveness of paintball…without the pain!

Best part is, we bring all the equipment to you. Blasters, facemasks, bunkers and unlimited Gellyballs.





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Great For

Birthday Parties

Family Reunions

Team Building

Carnivals & Fairs

School Events

Summer Camp

And Much More


Gelly Party Options



Gellyball Party

Take your party to the next level and play games like team deathmatch, capture the flag, last one standing and more.



Up to 10 Players

$450 first 2 hours

$100 each additional hour

($20 one-time charge for each additional player)

Please provide 72hr notice for booking

*2 HR MIN.


Glow in the Dark Gellyball Party

What's better than next level?? Glow Level!! All the fun of the Gellyball party but with Glow in the Dark Lights and UV Tracer round Gellyballs. 


Up to 10 Players

$525 first 2 hours

$125 each additional hour

($25 one-time charge for each additional player)

Please provide 72hr notice for booking

*2 HR MIN.


Shooting Booth

Having a Team building event or a little festival where you want to add a little more fun? Check out our projected shooting booth. Take turns teaming up to see who can shoot the most targets in 30 seconds. 

$300 first 2 hours 

$75 for each additional hour

Please provide 72hr notice for booking


Games You Can Play

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Team Deathmatch

Each team picks a side and tries to eliminate the other team. When a player is shot, they must raise their gun in the air and walk to their start point and sit out until all players on one side are eliminated. Teams switch sides and play again. 



Players are given a 3 flag belt. While playing a game, when a  player is shot, they must place their gun in the air, walk back to their side and drop a flag. They can then re-enter the game until they are out of flags. Last team or player with flags wins. 


Capture the Flag

Each team will pick a side. The goal is to get the flag from either the center or opponents side back to your side. First team to capture the flag wins. 


Search Party

Search party is a timed game. Each team gets a turn to defend or retreat an item. Defenders get to hide an item and defend it while the retreating team has to find and take the item back to their side. After time runs out and the item is not picked up, team with more players wins.


Last one Standing

Free for all or Team up. Last player standing or team wins. Think Fortnite.


Protect the President

One person is unarmed and has to be escorted to the other side of the field without being shot. 

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